Why should I replace my old windows?

Statistics indicate that a home (structure) can lose 30% of its heat through the windows and surrounding areas. Heat loss can also occur from poorly installed or even poorly constructed (old) windows. Modern window designs are very energy efficient due the advancement in materials, technology and installation procedures. If your energy bills are high and your windows are old, then you should consider replacing them. If your windows are a single pane style then you should consider replacement windows. Single pane windows are the least energy efficient and offer the least noise reduction. 

Do the modern windows cut down on outside noise?

Yes, most modern windows with double panes can reduce sound by up to 30 dB. Additionally most modern doors offer a reduction of 25-30 dB. Specially designed windows are available that can attain up to 40 dB of sound reduction. It is good to remember that household noise levels depend on other materials such as insulation and other building materials used during construction. 

Do modern windows condensate?

No, modern windows will not condensate. Double and/or triple pane windows are built with a layer of air between the glass which improves insulation properties. If you notice condensation forming inside between the glass panes of your windows then they are not performing properly.

Will my old blinds fit my new windows?

The answer in most cases is yes. Your old blinds should fit your new windows for a couple of reasons. Typically the replacement windows are custom made to fit exactly where the old ones were. We take accurate measurements of everything for you so that everything will fit afterwards. Should we find anything of concern while taking measurements, we will notify you in advance. 

Can you match a new patio cover to my house?

Yes, Exterior Systems uses AAA Aluminum Products which offers customizable and unique patio covers. We can custom colour the frame work to match your exact house colour and or trim colours. 

Do Patio Covers come with a warranty?

Yes, our product of choice for patio covers, sun rooms and screen rooms is AAA Aluminum Products. Top quality materials with lifetime finish, engineered.