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At Exterior Systems Window and Door, we always treat our customer’s home as if it were our own. When we arrive, our onsite project manager will walk you through the details of the day’s work schedule. This is a very important step, and attention to detail is key. We aim for minimal disruption of your home and a timely installation.

Safety for our clients, pets and employees, drop cloths and room protection is a top priority. We will apply protective coverings where needed – floors, walls, furniture, artwork, etc.

As our installation team works, they will keep your home tidy. If your project is scheduled for multiple days, we will be there the following day and we will clean up at the end of each day.

Once your windows and/or doors are installed, our installation team will do a thorough cleaning of your new additions. The project manager will then walk you through all the features and functions of your new windows and/or doors.

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