Window Installations

Exterior Systems will value your time and property. In fact we believe this to be just as important as delivering the best products currently available. We’ve chosen Gentek Vinyl Regency Windows for all window replacement installations. Gentek is a tried, tested and proven product designed for our fluctuating Canadian climate. We always stand by Gentek and even have their Regency windows installed in our own home. We certainly have enjoyed the benefits of Gentek Regency Windows for many years and are 100% certain that you will too. 

The Right Windows For You

When you need replacement windows, you want to make sure that every installation is done right. That's why at Exterior Systems we help you to choose the right windows. We absolutely ensure that your custom windows are built to fit your home with precision. We can supply and install all types of windows, and explain the features and benefits of each type so you can make an informed decision. Through expert craftsmanship we guarantee that your windows will fit the openings, will be shimmed properly and will allow appropriate space for optimal R-Value insulation. 

Pre-Sprayed Interior Trim

When you choose Exterior Systems as your window replacement professional, you get finished interior trim every time. We pre-spray all interior trims in our shop prior to installation. Once installed, we fill the nail holes and touch up the trims, leaving you with the perfect finished product. and you not having to hire a painter to finish. You’ll be able to enjoy any of the rooms we complete that very same day! You really can rest assured that you get great service when you choose Exterior Systems. 

Respecting Your Property

At Exterior Systems we understand the value of respect towards our customers and their property. We always use drop clothes throughout your home during every installation and we even vacuum after each room is complete. Cleanliness is constantly maintained and each window we install is cleaned inside and out. We use tools best suited for the job such as cordless drills, saws, and nailers so that there is no dirty hoses being dragged though your home marking up walls and floors or noisy compressors running and leaking oil in your house. When we are done we really want to hear you say “Wow the windows look fantastic and we don’t have to spend all night cleaning up a mess." 

We Keep Your Property Secure

We understand that you may have to work while we replace your windows. We stay on the job site throughout the day and never leave your house unattended. We arrive early enough in the morning to discuss your schedule. At end of the day, when you get home, we will be packed and cleaning the work areas up so you can enjoy your evening with your family as do we. Punctuality as well as quality is our priority and guarantee.